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Adjusting to Success

At first, success is difficult. You find new energies running through you that you're just not ready to handle yet--it's all too much at first. Later, it becomes easier.

It's a little bit like being a teenager experiencing hormones for the first time. Success is a hormone.

Why is success sometimes so difficult? Why can it be uncomfortable at first? It's because you have to get used to it. It takes time to adjust to the enlivened state of imagination that it puts you in.

In time, you will adjust to success. For now, slow down and try to make sensible decisions.

Later you'll find you can't get enough of success. Why? Because it feeds your dreams. When you can dream one dream and have it come true, you can dream another.

Success leads to more success.

Yes, success is sweet but how do we enjoy this sweetness more often?

To enjoy success more often, reverse the process--don't wait for enlivened imagination; start with enlivened imagination first.

Success will soon follow.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004