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Adventure is the spice of life! It's what makes life interesting.

What is adventure? It is a person experiencing brand new things. More than that, it is a person experiencing something that challenges that person in ways they have never been challenged before.

Nothing will stimulate the imagination like adventure. Remember your youth. Remember the time in your life when the world was brand new. You were so alive in your imagination then.

You can recapture that state again. How? Do something new every day. Do something that excites you or challenges you.

It's so much fun to do new things. Do them.

A highly imaginative person finds new ways to do old things. With imagination, its possible to go down the same road many times but never go down the same road twice.

When you awaken in your imagination, you awaken to a world that is sparkling and new--a world that is ever in a state of change. Let this be your world.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005