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Already Yours

You fight very hard for what is already yours. You do not like having someone try to take it away from you.

What is yours is yours. You can use this to advantage.

If you will view your precious dream as already being true, you will fight hard just to keep it. It's as if you've had it for years and years and now someone comes along to try to take it away. You don't like that, do you?

This is how to dream something into total and complete reality. View it as being already yours. Be so clear that it is already yours that you could reach out with your tongue and taste it.

This opens the door to hard work and strong motivation. Knowing that it is already yours gives having it immediacy. You want it now.

You'll have no problem dedicating yourself every day to the realization of your dream if you'll view it as already being yours. The strength of your desire will increase greatly when you do.

You'll work hard every day too.

©Edward Abbott 2003