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Be Strong in Your Dream

Be strong in your dream. This is the key to not letting others poke holes in your dreams. If you believe in your dream strongly enough, no one will able to make a dent in it--let alone a hole.

Your confidence in your dream will affect others. They will start to respond to your dream.

As you develop confidence, you won't be telling curious people your dreams just because they asked.

Why should you give up your precious dream in a casual conversation?

Instead of blathering away your dreams, you'll find yourself listening politely to people who ask and just smiling and nodding.

Don't answer people's direct questions about your plans--especially when they have no right to such information.

In the early stages of developing your dream, tell only those who really need to know. The very first stage is to tell only yourself.

It is by keeping your dream to yourself in the early stages of your dream that your dream stays intact.

Be so strong in your dream that no outside force can dismantle it.