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Be Sure

You must imagine until you are sure. Never stop imagining until you are absolutely sure.

Sure of what? Sure that your plan will work.

All problems are solved in the imagination. Therefore, imagine and imagine until your plan is found to be so sound that it cannot be anything but a success.

You've imagined it successful so many times and with such feeling--now the time has come to be successful!

Later, you may discover a hiccup in your plan. Stop right there. Start imagining and imagining again until your plan is once again a sure-fire one.

If given a choice between a sure-fire plan and an uncertain plan, favor the sure-fire plan over the uncertain plan 100 to 1. Go with the sure-fire plan.

Here's the key: In the world of creative imagination, there is no plan that cannot be transformed into a sure-fire plan. Creative imagination is the key.

All you need to do is solve the problems that lie between you and success.

Imagine so much and so throughly that nothing-- no thing--can ever come between you and your plan.

A plan is not a good plan until it is a sure-fire plan. If you imagine often enough and sure enough, all your plans will become sure-fire plans.

You will no longer stub your toe on problems but will instead learn how to imagine a way to use the problem to your advantage.

Practice. Practice being imaginative. Practice being sure.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004