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Better Than Expected Results

People who are in the habit of succeeding are in the habit of getting better than expected results. What are better than expected results? Results that far exceed your very modest expectations.

When you set a goal for yourself, be sure to first, meet it, and second, exceed it. Doing so habitually will make you into a habitual winner.

For example, leave the house early for appointments. Leaving early means you are more likely to arrive early. An early arrival is a better than expected result.

Arriving early is just one way to get into the habit of being a winner. When you get into the habit of winning, you win again and again.

When you decide to succeed at something, line everything up and make sure everything is going in the same direction. It is by adding many reasons to be successful on top of each other that probably will succeed becomes definitely will succeed.

A student who wants to get an "A" on an an exam needs to study for a better grade than an "A". The student needs to study to get a score of 100 percent, if possible. This way, if the student's plan fails, there is a fallback position. The student might not get 100 percent but if the score is 97 percent, he still gets an "A" with plenty of margin for error.

Achieving better than expect results is simple. Just be sure to have many different reasons for believing you are about to get the results you expect and not just one reason.

If you have ten reasons for succeeding and nine of them fail, you still succeed. If you have ten reasons for succeeding but only eight of them fail, you not only succeed--you get better than expected results.

A balanced plan is a plan that has overlapping roads to success that enhance but do not detract from each other. Plan to succeed in more ways than one. Then if both plans succeed, you get better than expected results.

©Edward Abbott 2003