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Boundless Energy

When you tap into the world of imagination, you tap into a world of boundless energies. Why? Because you are tapping into energies that far exceed your own.

Personal will-power is just that. Personal. It is limited to what one person can accomplish taking one step at a time.

Personal will-power is good. It is necessary. But it is limited.

Imagination is also personal, but personal in a very different way. In the world of imagination, you imagine the role you'd like to play; other people imagine the role they'd like to play. When the two of you meet physically, you play a role for each other. Without really intending to, you both end up greatly magnifying the energies of each other.

How does this work? Very easily. Every person has a dream. Dream in such a way as to build the dreams of others and you will enlist their cooperation. Naturally.

To enter the world of boundless energy, live in such a way as to pay attention to and build the dreams of others. Build their dreams and help fulfill their dreams too.

Right imagination builds. It builds you and it builds other people. Everyone grows as a result.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004