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What makes a person successful? A successful person is one who dreams their dreams into reality because they are happy doing what they are doing.

Success breeds success. Generally speaking, you are successful in your daydreams first; later, you become successful in your day-to-day reality. A happy daydream is the start of success.

You must celebrate your victories constantly. Enjoy your victories and the celebration itself will cause more cause for celebration. Much leads to more. Celebration of victories leads to more victories--and celebrations.

What's this? Do your victories come first or do your celebrations come first? It's hard to say. Each one needs to come before the other. It really doesn't matter which one comes first--you can start with one or the other. But it does matter that you celebrate.

Get into the habit now and then of pausing to acknowledge and celebrate each little victory along the way--however brief that celebration might be. Many times, it's enough of a celebration to just be happy. Happiness itself is a form of celebration.

Be sure to share your joy by celebrating the victories of others too. It gives so much life to everybody when you celebrate other people's victories and not just your own.

Build other people's dreams too, not just your own.

There is an art and science to celebration. When you celebrate, you are creating. You are creating the same thing all over again. What are you creating? Another victory, of course.

Celebrate your life deeply and profoundly and you generate more life for yourself and others. This is the deeper meaning of the word celebration.

A person who celebrates personal victories often will develop a very powerful aura of success that hugs him close. Others will feel this aura and be attracted to this ring of success.

Your successes help other people to be successful too.

Success is like a stone dropped into the center of a pond. Only the center of the pond receives the stone--yet, the entire pond feels it. Just as a wave will radiate from the center of a pond, so will your successes help other people to be successful too.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005