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Clear Thinking

Remember this! Clear thinking is so often preceded by clear seeing. You need clear thinking and clear seeing in order to succeed.

Study well the lives of highly successful people. Note their clear and concise speech patterns. The fact that they say things so well, in so few words, is one of the secrets to their success. More important than this is the rich imagery that peppers their speech.

A highly successful person is a highly disciplined person. A highly disciplined person has a highly disciplined and accurate imagination.

Get in the habit of always seeing clearly. When you speak, see the matter about which you speak clearly. When you plan, see the end result of your plan clearly. See potential problems that might come up clearly, and have a clear plan for side-stepping these problems.

Seeing clearly is a habit; nothing more, nothing less. Get in the habit of seeing with crystal clear clarity and you will live a great life, footnoted by simplicity and grace. People will openly admire you.

Leave nothing to chance or misunderstanding! Be as clear as a freshly washed window.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004