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As you become more and more confident in your dream, choose carefully the people whose help you enlist. Break your choice of who can help you into two categories: doers and critics. Doers do but critics criticize.

Use both. Both can help you.

If someone criticizes your dream, use that criticism to make sure you are still on track. Make sure that they have not in fact found a fatal flaw in your dream.

However, the most useful critique of your plans will come from fellow doers, not critics. Be aware that the advice of people without life experience is usually not very valuable.

Lean on the experience of doers. They have actual life experience in making dreams come true and have a solid record of accomplishment to prove it.

Avoid people who don't know what they are talking about. Don't tell these people your dreams if you don't have to.

As you become more and more confident in your dream and your dream becomes more and more practical and realistic, you will draw more and more people into your dream to help you. Expect this.

As you become confident in your dream, other people will too.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004