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Creative Genius

The secret of creative genius is planning things out ahead of time in your imagination. All creative geniuses plan.

Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan. But that's beside the point. It's important to plan in any case.

Nothing ever goes according to plan but everything turns out better because you did plan.

If you will plan your creative works in minute detail first, you will get a better result. Basically, you are working out all the kinks in your imagination first.

The great inventor, Nikola Tesla, was so good at this kind of planning that he could engineer a piece of machinery in his imagination, run it for a week, and take it apart to see which parts of the machine were suffering from excessive wear.

In this way, he saved excessive wear and tear on himself by doing a dry run in his imagination first. By doing it in your imagination first, you give yourself the opportunity to perfect it before trying to do it physically.

Do this and you will save yourself many mistakes and many dry runs up blind alleys.

Plan it out ahead in your imagination and you will get there faster.

©Edward Abbott 2004