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A creative person lives longer. Why? Because they have a purpose for living. They live to create.

You must always be creating something new no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Live to create.

When you create, others benefit. Other people get to enjoy your creations. There is no finer contribution to the lives of others than your creativity.

What is creativity? It is love made real through material manifestation. It is love embodied in some action or deed. It is God in expression.

Create new things and you will always be happy.

How do you create? By imagining new things. If you don't have something, create it. Create it in your imagination.

When you learn to do this, you will learn that all shortages are artificial. All shortages are in reality a shortage of imagination.

Fill in the holes in your life with your imagination and you will never lack for anything.

©Edward Abbott 2003