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A Delicate Fabric

Imagination is a fabric, a delicate fabric. It's very easy for people who don't believe in your dreams to poke holes in your dreams.

Keep your dreams intact. Don't let people poke holes in them.

How do you handle people who don't believe in your dream? One way is to not tell them your dreams. Don't tell them if they don't need to know.

But what if it's a close family member and they need to know? What do you do then?

What do you do when the people close to you do not believe in your dream?

First, make sure that your dream is a legitimate one. Maybe there is a fatal flaw in your plan.

Sometimes, the input of others can be helpful.

Look to see if your dream has a fatal flaw. If it does, fix it.

But what if you've fixed all the flaws in your dream and the people around you still object to it?

Choose to be strong in your dream. Be so strong in your dream that a positive force emanates from you that causes other people to respond to your dream.

It's the way of leadership that people with a passive nature respond to people with a dynamic nature.

A person with a passive nature is inclined to gravitate towards people who are actively pursuing a dream. Enlist the help of these people. Be so strong in your dream that people just naturally gravitate towards your dream. This is the way of leadership. This is how you enlist the help of others.

People will respond to your dream if you believe in it strongly enough.