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Divine Imagination

Imagination turns to divine imagination when all your imaginings are for something greater than yourself.

If you imagine that your doings are for the community in which you live, you are imagining doing something that is greater than yourself.

If your imagined doings are for your country; again, you are imagining giving a gift to something that is greater than yourself.

It is when we imagine giving gifts to things greater than our own self that we catch our first glimpses of spiritual immortality.

What happens when you imagine for something greater than yourself? You obtain the backing of that something. All of a sudden, you find your efforts well-funded in all ways: materially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your project has backing.

In order for a project to succeed, it needs backing: material backing so that there are resources enough for it to reach completion; emotional backing so that you don't run out of enthusiasm before the project is completed; mental backing so that the project is backed only by constructive ideas; and spiritual backing so that the project does not go off in wrong directions.

The greatest thing you can imagine is to imagine that you are doing for God. To do for God is the highest of all possible imaginings. When you do so, you obtain the backing of every living thing for the success of your project. Even those who oppose you make mistakes in your favor.

For some, God is the universe. If you are one than believes that God is the universe than do it for the universe. You will obtain equally good backing for your project. The love that you put into your belief is what counts. You only get out of a belief what you put into it.

Imagine all is for a higher purpose and you will find yourself aligned with a much greater plan--the divine plan. When your plan turns out to be part of a much greater plan, your project is successful beyond that of even your best imaginings.

Imagine that your project is for the divine and your project becomes a divine one.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004