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The Empty Vessel

A work of art can be highly perfected technically yet lack the creative spirit. Why is that?

It's because all works of art are basically empty vessels. It's not the work of art itself that has value, it's the spirit that the artist infuses it with.

An artist infuses a work of art with Divine Spirit by infusing the work with Divine Imagination. Yes, imagination is divine.

When you infuse your creative works with Divine Spirit, people find themselves strangely attracted to your art. It's as if they are being pulled by invisible strings.

The works of Vincent Van Gogh have this quality. His paintings have the quality of hinting at a world of imagination that is greater than the painting itself.

If you will infuse yourself with imaginative imagery prior to working on a piece of art, you will later discover that the finished art is infused with Divine Spirit. Why?

Because Divine Spirit and Divine Imagination go hand-in-hand for one is the vehicle for the other. Divine imagination creates a matrix and then Divine Spirit flows through it.

Interestingly enough, viewers of your art will see this matrix and Divine Spirit will flow through them too.

To be one who produces great works of art, one must be filled with Divine Imagination first.

Your art is empty until you fill it.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005