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Finding Yourself

You will never find yourself if you go looking for yourself in your material surroundings. You are not there. You are here.

Many go off to find themselves in a career. You are not there either. Where are you? Again, you are here.

You could go looking for yourself in a human relationship. Once again, you are not to be found there. You are here, always here.

So how do you find yourself? By putting your heart and your entire being into everything you do.

Whenever you infuse your activities with imagination, you are infusing that activity with spirit. Take a moment to imagine properly prior to the start of any activity. Imagine the good that that activity will accomplish. Imagine that that activity is for the highest purpose.

The more heartfelt your imaginative activity, the more spirited the result. Keep imagining as your physical activities unfold and your activities will always be highly spirited.

When you do everything you do with an enthusiasm rarely attained, you have found yourself.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004