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To be successful, you must become obsessed with finishing what you start. Finish your projects. A successful person is determined to finish.

Why is finishing important? Because you need to finish to succeed. Finishing the project is its own reward. If you look for rewards outside the project, you jeopardize the success of the project.

That's why people who are obsessed with money find it hard to be successful at obtaining money. To pursue money as an end unto itself is to ignore the very project that could lead to money-- your work.

Successful people are rarely money-obsessed. They are more interested in the work than they are in the rewards.

The project itself must be the reward-- not money, not fame, and not honor. To pursue extrinsic rewards is to take your attention off the project.

If you never daydream about the project, you are probably not that interested in it. You are not interested enough to finish it.

You must finish what you start for its own sake. Finish what you start and you will always be successful.

©Edward Abbott 2003