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Getting into the Habit of Being Successful

Imagination must have a purpose. Otherwise, God created imagination for nothing.

Realize this: Every time you imagine something, you are building something. The little things that you build in your imagination--they are part of a bigger plan--God's plan. By imagining small things, you are helping God to build big things.

Only time will tell you the big plan that you were always a part of but were never fully conscious of.

Everything you imagine is for a higher purpose. This is one good reason to finish something you've started--if at all possible. You're not likely to discover your higher purpose until you finish.

If you start out with a dream, finish that dream. Bring that dream to full fruition. Only then will you know why you dreamed the dream in the first place. All the answers lie at the end of the journey but few answers lie at the beginning of the journey.

This is why you must never quit an important dream. You'll never know if you quit. You'll never know.

It is only after you have brought the dream into manifestation that you can look back and say, ``This is why I did it.''

Sometimes it's more fun to dream the dream than it is to have achieved the dream. The fun is in the manifesting. After you've manifested one dream, it is time to move on and dream another.

But be sure to manifest the dream.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004