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The Golden Flow

There are people in this world who just know how to flow. A golden creative flow emanates from these people and makes them very innovative and smart in everything they do.

The golden flow comes from divine spirit. It surrounds and protects these people and and carries them from one project to another. In fact, this golden flow is divine spirit.

When this golden flow is present, a person is able to move between projects with ease and grace. When it is absent, everything gets bogged down.

The golden flow is not the person, but what flows through the person.

To flow, you must let go of an old idea with the same ease as which you acquired it. Let go of your ideas before they become old and stale. When you can let go of an idea before it hurts you, you are listening to divine spirit.

Here's an imaginative exercise to help you release stubbornly-held ideas:

Imagine that there is an endless stream of ideas that flow through you. Imagine further that there is a comfortable space between these ideas. Do not let your own ideas crowd you.

When one idea flows in, let another idea flow out to make room for the newer and better idea.

Further imagine that you will never be without ideas. You do not have to hang on to any one idea for fear that it is irreplaceable by something newer and better.

Remember this! A good idea is a good idea until it is replaced by a better idea. This is how to work with the golden flow.

©Edward Abbott 2003-2006