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Be grateful for that which you've already become, and you will find yourself becoming even more of that which you are grateful for.

If your aim is to be a musician, be grateful for the music you already have in your life. By feeling your musicianship, you will surface even more of your musical ability.

Perhaps you wish to be an actor. Be profoundly grateful for your abilities as an actor. More of the same is coming your way if you will appreciate what you already have.

This is how you stimulate your imagination. Focus on the riches you already have.

It is by imagining the person that we've always wanted to be that we become the person we've always wanted to be.

But be grateful for what you have already.

What we've become--and not what we've accumulated--is our best yardstick for measuring our success in this world. Accumulations can always be taken away from us. But what we've become stays with us forever!

It's better to be rich than to have riches.

Furthermore, it's what we've become that counts.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005