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Great Communicators

People with highly disciplined imaginations are often fine communicators. So often, choosing just the right words comes from seeing just the right image in the imagination.

The job of the master communicator is to fully describe these highly accurate images in as few words as possible. The right words come easily when you find yourself viewing the right imagery.

Recall the greatest story-teller you've ever known. When you do, first, remember their words in your imagination; second, view the imagery that their words evoke.

See? It's true. Great words are preceded by great imagery. If you doubt this, reread Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Contrast this with people who communicate poorly. So often, the image that they are viewing in their imagination is vague and wishful. Therefore, the words that they speak while viewing this image have a let's-not-hope-for-too-much quality. What a difference it makes when these people start to see clearly! Their words then become those of a person who can make practical plans that are correct and exact--and can be executed with a high probability of success.

Great planning and great communication of those plans starts in the imagination first.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004