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If you work in harmony with others you can accomplish anything. Why?

Because a harmonious effort becomes a concentrated effort. Line everything and everyone up and you get a concentrated effort that all goes in the same direction.

Imagine yourself working in harmony with others and you will accomplish great things. Everything and everybody will conspire to see that you succeed. It's as if your efforts are being magnified many times over.

The key to successful business relationships is giving people what they need and want. Giving people what they need and want is harmony in action.

All good relationships are harmonious relationships. Harmony is mutual magnification between two people. A successful marriage is one where two people have the ability to blend and harmonize with each other.

Harmony is beautiful. A group of people that play sports well together resemble a ballet troupe in the beauty and harmony of their athleticism. They move well together.

A team effort is a harmonious effort. A team adds up to a sum that is greater than the summation of the players on the team.

Why do teams add up to a sum that is greater than the parts? Harmony is the final ingredient that adds the final touch. Bring harmony to the situation and the contribution of any one person will be greater than if that person were working alone.

Sometimes people forget this and think they did it all themselves. It's a sad illusion.

The reach of harmony is so great that the harmonious person will call up great unseen forces that gather together to help him reach his goal.

See yourself working together with others in harmony. When you do, you will find yourself doing the right things at the right time. Your efforts will benefit many many people both coming and going from many different directions.

And you will benefit too.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005