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Heartfelt Imagination

The key to having your imaginings come true is to put your heart into your imaginings.

What does it mean to have heart? It means that when you imagine, you imagine with feeling. You see and feel and put your whole heart into that which you are seeing and feeling.

Why is it necessary to feel what you imagine? It is necessary because feeling and not feeling is the dividing line between imaginings that come true and imaginings that do not. It is that simple.

If one imagines without feeling, one is merely exploring a possibility. Imagination combined with feeling turns a mere possibility into something that has the possibility of becoming a fact.

Discover the lives of people around you. Discover those who imagine with feeling and those who do not.

You will discover the ones who imagine with feeling by the stories they tell. The stories of their life victories are told with great feeling. Such feeling combined with the imaginative images of the story are exactly what brought the victory to manifestation.

People who are able to manifest the very best into their lives are warm people with a great deal of feeling for the people around them.

Warm up your imaginings with feeling. Warm imaginings are likely to come true much faster.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004