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How to Manifest

Manifestation is easy once you get the knack for it. But you have to acquire the knack.

The knack is this: Start with an image and let that image grow into feeling. When you have a feeling for something, that something is most likely to come into your life.

The image is an image of something you'd like to manifest. The feeling comes from viewing this image. Feel the image. How does the image make you feel? Keep feeling the image until the image manifests.

Feel your way to manifestation. Feed your images with feeling.

You will go through many feelings viewing your chosen image prior to full manifestation. Have the patience to go through them all.

That's the key. Patience. Once you've passed through all possible feelings that derive from viewing your chosen image, the image of your desires manifests.

Keep on feeling your chosen image until that image manifests into your life. It will.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004