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The Imaginative Landscape

We live in a highly imaginative world. Much of the world around us is the product of our imaginations.

Someone imagined the highway we drive on. We imagine driving on it. We drive on it.

Someone imagined the grocery store we shop in. We imagine ourselves shopping there. We shop there.

Someone imagined the house we live in. They built that house. We imagine moving there. We live there.

It goes on and on. It is very clear that the world around us is a product of your imagination and my imagination and everyone's imagination and God's imagination.

Even the mountains, lakes, and streams are imagination. Without God to do the imagining, would there be a creation?

How do we contribute to the imaginative landscape? By finding a way to give of ourselves.

Imagine the gifts that you yourself would love to give to other people. Imagine how happy you will be giving the gift that only you can give.

Imagine that the people around you have freedom of expression and have the freedom to accept or reject your gifts. Also imagine that when people get around you, they feel very free.

This is contributing to the imaginative landscape.

It is when you start to exercise excellent control over your own interior landscape that you start contributing to all life.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004