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Laugh and Get Better

Humor can heal you. How? Humor brings back your life force when it has gone away due to accident, fear, or disappointment.

Is your heart broken? Try humor. Finding it hard to let go of the past? Humor can help. Having trouble getting along with someone? Humor can heal your problem if you will let it.

Humor can also save you from unnecessary stress and strife.

How? Each time you laugh you let go of your idea of how the world is supposed to be. Instead, you become more open to the way things really are and are more willing to see life realistically. This cuts down on strife and stress because you are now no longer at odds with life.

There's an explanation for all of this. There's a definite reason why laughter releases tension.

When you laugh, an electrical impulse travels through your body and releases trapped energy. Basically, this trapped energy is an idea that you've fixated upon. Behind this fixed idea is an image.

Wrapped around this image upon which you've fixated is a fear which manifests as a tension in your body. Letting go of the image upon which you're fixated is a little bit like having someone tickle you. The tickling dissolves the tension surrounding this kink in your body.

Soon after laughing, you find yourself open to new ideas. Laughter opens you up and allows more light into your life.

Laughter has caused you to let go of the embedded image that you could not let go of before. This image was both outmoded and painful. Now that you've let go of it, you feel much lighter. A humorous response is the result.

This is why stand-up comics work so hard to set up a premise before delivering a punch-line. The more attached you are to the premise, the harder you laugh when the punch-line is delivered and the premise is shattered.

The comic will carefully construct the image upon which the premise is based. When the image is completely shattered, big waves of laughter roll through the audience. The total destruction of this carefully constructed image is what makes the people laugh.

The same holds true when you laugh at your own life. Each time you laugh, you give up an attachment to something that is hurting you.

©Edward Abbott 2003