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It takes a strong imagination to be a good learner. The better you can imagine, the faster you can learn.

The process of learning is this: First you hear of something for the first time. Next, you form a strong concept of that thing. It is your imagination that allows you to conceptualize clearly.

The better and stronger your imagination, the more accurate and clear your conceptualization.

As you imagine more, your concept of what you are learning about improves. Soon, a very intricate and detailed conceptualization develops. This is the key to an advanced understanding of the subject matter at hand.

If your concept is a good one, you will be able to work with it easily and transverse it at will. Approaching the subject matter from the top, from below, or from the side does not throw you.

When you go to learn something new, forget about trying to memorize. Instead, work on improving your imaginative framework.

As your imaginative framework becomes more and more detailed, you will understand the subject matter more and more profoundly.

As you make new discoveries, you will be able to hang them on to this imaginative framework easily without overburdening the framework because it is a strong framework.

There! You have it. The secret to learning. Forming a strong concept of what you have just learned is the key.

Imagination is the key to concept formulation.

©Edward Abbott 2003