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Let Go of Clutter

The habit of always being on the look out for some upcoming change is a good one. Change is the ability to let go of one thing to receive another. So often, what's received is better than what's given away.

For example, let go of clutter. Let go of the things that are cluttering up your life.

When you let go of clutter, your life becomes more roomy. This is a good change.

All change occurs first in your imagination. If you are at the center of change, you will see change there first. Look for change there.

Be willing to let go of your present circumstances for better circumstances. See what you no longer need. See it washing away.

Great waves come in and wash away that which you no longer need. As these waves wash and cleanse, the groundwork is lain for a new life.

Now see something new being built in its place. Something useful.

See a whole new life for yourself. It may be quite similar to the life you now lead or it may be quite different. In either case, you have benefited greatly from the change.

By letting go of the old--and embracing the new--you prepare yourself to meet the future.

The future is wonderful.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005