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Letting Go of Imagination

After imagining something, let go of it. Do not try to manifest all of it by yourself.

Like the great stage actor, you must leave some of your performance behind. To perform everything that you can imagine is to leave nothing to nuance. You do not become a great actor by over-acting.

Nor do you become a great painter by placing your entire imagination on the canvas. Certainly not a Van Gogh or a Da Vinci. These great painters leave you with the suggestion that they were hinting at something much greater; that only a small percent of their grand vision made it on to their canvas.

How do you leave imagination behind? By planning to do only that part of what you imagine that you can practically do.

Realize that your capacity to imagine is much greater than your physical capacity to perform. Perform the best part and leave the rest.

If you will leave some of your imagination behind, your actions and words will always hint at greater worlds and unseen dimensions. There will be an economy of motion to both your words and your actions.

The way you live will inspire other people's imaginations too.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004