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Letting Go of Poverty

Poverty is poor self-concept. Nothing more. Nothing less.

When we imagine ourselves better, we feel better. When we imagine ourselves rich, we feel rich.

Feeling rich is a precursor to being rich. Be grateful for the riches you already have.

Let your old ideas about yourself go. Let the old concept of self perish and all the poverty that goes with it will likely go too.

More likely than not, it's not your imagination that got you into trouble. It's your lack of imagination.

Trouble often comes when we forget to imagine. In other words, we forget to make good sound plans.

Furthermore, much negative thinking comes of failing not to think of other things.

Don't try to get rid of negative images. Replace them. Just simply imagine things getting better and they likely will.

Better imagination takes you to a better place. In the new place are found new things in much greater abundance. The shortages of the old place are left behind.

Imagine better than you ever have before and you will have more than you ever have before. An abundant imagination leads to an abundant life.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004