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The Looking Glass

Focusing your attention on the task at hand is your doorway to your world of dreams. A dull task becomes dreamlike in composition when focused upon.

Do you wish to become fascinated with your work? Then focus on what you are doing. Focus stimulates the imagination.

Focus is the key to opening up your imaginative eye. Whatever you focus on becomes a doorway to greater and greater imagination.

When you lend focus to an enterprise, that enterprise becomes a highly imaginative enterprise. The center-piece of your focus becomes illuminated by a special light.

If you are doing something around the house, focus on that task exclusively. Watch what happens to your imaginative eye when you do.

It is then that a looking glass will open up into your imaginative worlds. You will have the feeling of having been transported somewhere else.

This is what happens to people when they are doing what they love. They feel like they are in heaven.

But don't wait to be doing what you love. Focus now. If you will focus, you will find that you are already in love with what you are already doing.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005