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Love What You Do

To be successful, you must love what you do. Why? Because you survive best when you love.

When you love, the path before you becomes illuminated. You know exactly what to do.

Your love for what you do gives you vision. You plan better when you love and are forever finding a better way to do things.

Love enhances your relationships with your clients and customers. You love them more. They love you more.

Love also enlivens the imagination. Enlivened imagination makes you a more creative practitioner of your profession.

The same is true for your hobbies. With greater imagination, comes greater creativity.

Your ability to work long hours at your hobby or profession in a state of vitality will be unsurpassed. Why? Because you love it.

People who love their profession live longer too.

It doesn't matter whether it is a profession or a hobby. If it's your profession that you love, your profession will reward you greatly because you love it. Your hobbies will reward you in other ways.

In short, your ability to survive is greatly enhanced when you love what you do.

©Edward Abbott 2003