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The Neutral Observer

Looking at life from the same point of view for too long causes you to become stuck. This condition can sneak up on you if you fail to make proper use of your imagination.

To become unstuck, lift your imagination up and out of your frozen condition. Imagination will precipitate change if you will make use of it.

How much change do you want? You can have as much change as you are willing to imagine.

Change comes from the divine. When we change, we are in full step with the rhythm and harmony of the music of the eternal.

Change by getting above it all. This is done by staying in constant contact with a very special part of yourself. Let's call this self the changeless self. It is changeless in the sense that it is ever steady in its outlook.

Never rattled in its outlook, the changeless self see sees all that could ever possibly be changed. It is changeless only in the sense that it is fully reliable.

The changeless self is the center of all change. It observes and precipitates change. It is the neutral observer. It is the part of yourself that observes yourself changing.

Only through the neutral observer can change come about. Why? Because a neutral observer is necessary to initiate all change. You are your own neutral observer.

Often, you will kick into neutral observer mode during a great crises or after a special moment of retirement inside yourself. You are the neutral observer when you drop all fear and become your very best. At these times, you find it difficult to do anything but the right thing; also during these times it becomes self-evident that it is your neutral observer that is in control. This is your true, essential self. All else is acquired tastes.

Athletes often experience the neutral observer. They observe themselves making every move perfectly. There will be days when an athlete can do no wrong.

Anytime you find yourself observing life with a detached attitude is a time when you are being the neutral observer. When you are the neutral observer, you are living in a state of imagination. There you experience a state of quiet happiness.

It is the neutral observer that observes all your imaginative comings and goings. Limitless in scope, it is ever steady in its outlook on an ever changing world. A changeless center itself, it is the still-point around which all change revolves.

When you have the power to observe anything in your imaginative eye, you have the power to change anything. You go beyond the mortal self into the divine self.

To imagine is to be divine.

Be divine. Imagine.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004