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Overcoming Procrastination

To hesitate is to procrastinate. Procrastination is almost always a symptom of fear. Why do you hesitate? Because you are afraid. Why do you procrastinate? For the same reason. You are afraid.

Give up procrastination and you have given up much of your fear of the future. Indecision and fear of the future are almost the same thing.

You must always imagine that you have a wonderful future that is just around the corner. This is how you give up both fear and procrastination. What is there to fear if wonderful things are coming your way?

When you give up procrastination and fear, you rush to meet the future. You can't wait for what is coming next. If you are really looking forward to the future, you will do everything in your power to hasten its arrival.

A person who does not procrastinate is ready to embrace the future now.

©Edward Abbott 2003