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Overcoming Worry

It is possible for a person to worry himself or herself to death. How? By constant worry.

How do you overcome worry? The answer is simple. By seeing a clear and decisive path in front of you. When you see that there is a path in front of you that you must follow, you are no longer worried.

In your imagination, see this path before you. Walk this path. Underneath your feet are golden sands.

As you walk this path, you realize that this is the path you must follow. You have no choice for this is the path you have chosen for yourself in the deepest recesses of your being.

Don't worry about where this path leads. This will be revealed in time--but only when you start to walk this path. As you take one step on the path, the next step on the path is revealed.

Should you need to walk down another path along the way, this will be revealed as well. You will receive this information just when you need it most.

But start by imagining that your life is already perfect just as it is. There is nothing out-of-place in your life. It is a designer-made life--just for you. God has designed a perfect path for you.

Further imagine that your golden path is criss-crossed with the golden paths of other people. Some paths go over your path. Some paths go under your path. Some paths criss-cross your path directly. But all paths in some way influence your path for the better.

Now imagine that everyone is out to help everyone else on their path. Further imagine that you too are willing to provide traveler's aid to others as they make their way on their journey. This aid to other travelers on their path is a vital part of your path.

All paths lead to the same same place-- home. All paths lead back to God. Know that your path is a sure-footed path. It will surely lead you home if you will but follow it.

This is how to overcome worry. In your imagination, step out decisively on your path and know--in your heart of hearts--that this is the right path home.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005