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A playful person is more likely to be successful with imagination than a person who is not so playful. Why? Because playful people know how to play a role.

If you can play the role, you can succeed. If you can play any role, you can succeed at anything.

What makes a person playful? Ease and comfort with switching roles. Someone who is comfortable playing different roles in life is someone who does not mind giving up an old role to play a new one. If there's a need for that person to be someone else for the day, they'll be someone else for the day.

The key is to have a flexible self-concept. If you can be flexible about who you are, you can play.

Every day that you wake up, you play a slightly different role. The rhythm of life demands that you be a slightly different person each day that you get out of bed. It is important to play along.

Being playful is hardly anything more than the ability to go along with things.

A childlike imagination is a playful imagination. To be childlike in your beliefs, you must be playful. You have to be able to believe you can be anybody.

Surrender yourself to your dreams and you will discover your true playful nature.

Let your dreams inform you as to who you really are.

©Edward Abbott 2004