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Positive Imagination

Positive imagination is being certain that things will turn out well for you. When you are certain, you know. When you know, you know.

Why is positive imagination so valuable? Because you can use it to control your destiny. Just get in the habit of knowing that things are so.

When you do, you develop a force that is so strong that no other force can defeat it. A person who is sure of their own destiny becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Be absolutely certain. This is the key to positive imagination. Find some little thing that you are certain of and anchor on to that.

The key is to make the thing you are certain of an inconspicuous but important detail. Choose a point of certainty for yourself. Choose wisely.

If you are planning to make a certain amount of money this year, be sure that you know exactly how much. Say that I will make at least such and such an amount of money this year.

This is an inconspicuous detail. It's inconspicuous because it fits into a larger framework.

If you live in America and are planning a trip to Europe, then see yourself placing your foot on the first step of the stairway up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. This is just one inconspicuous detail of many on what is to be a glorious trip. Know that this will happen and it will.

Imagine your thrill when it actually does!

Inconspicuous details are important because they give imagination a framework around which to build. In order for the detail to come true, the whole framework has to come true.

An inconspicuous detail that is believed in strongly acts as a powerful magnet drawing all that is close by into its field. Like iron filings around that magnetic field, your dreams will arrange your whole life into a fixed and well-ordered pattern. It takes but one detail to make the whole matrix. One detail and all falls into place.

The whole is in the detail and the detail will create the whole.

Believe in this one detail so strongly that it has to come true. As far you are concerned, it already has.

When you believe in this detail strongly enough, other people will feel it. You will become an inspiration to others, for they will feel a positive force emanating from you.

Don't complicate it. Believe in one detail more strongly than all the others. It is the strength of the belief in that one detail that will generate the positive force.

The positive force clears all obstacles to your dream from your path. When the path is clear, the dream manifests.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004