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Products of the Imagination

We are always being visited by the products of our imaginations. Never forget! No surprise visitor is truly a stranger in the world of imagination.

If you wish to leave your present circumstances for vastly improved circumstances, remember this: you must imagine your new circumstance first. You will never get there by merely thinking of your new circumstances. You must get there in your imagination.

Thought can only improve our lives incrementally. Thought builds on top of an existing framework. It never builds something completely anew. Only imagination can do that.

To achieve a sudden leap in understanding, we must use your imagination. A sudden change for the better is always preceded by new understanding. New understanding is a product of right use of imagination.

Many seasons of right change will follow you forever if you will forever be imagining new things. Be forever imagining the right things and the right things will forever be coming into your life.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004