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Pulling Back

A happy person is one who is always letting go of old things that they've outgrown. It takes a certain amount of flexibility to be willing to be happy.

When we acquire a new concept of ourselves, we are imagining new things. Change your self concept and the way you experience life around you is likely to change. Eventually the cycle is completed when your life actually changes in direct response to your new self concept.

Start to see yourself differently today. Forgive yourself something old and take on something new.

Forgiveness is a highly imaginative activity.

Don't worry too much about which direction to go in your imagination. Just start to move in a happy direction.

Pull back in your imagination far enough for a broader view and you can imagine anything.

If you become too tied up in a situation, it can block your imagination. So pull back. If you feel you cannot imagine, then imagine you can imagine.

Those who cannot imagine, can imagine that they are imagining. Those who cannot imagine that they are imagining, can imagine that they are imagining that they are imagining.

There is a place where you can pull back far enough to start imagining. Start there.

It takes imagination to prime the imagination.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004