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Pure Joy

The best reason for doing anything in this life is for the pure joy of doing so. Do everything with joy and your life will go so much better.

Let joy permeate your existence!

If you're waiting for a reason to be happy, your wait will be a long one. Why? Because you must first imagine yourself to be happy in order to be happy. It is that simple.

It's unlikely that you will experience joy if do not consider joy a possibility.

Why do everything in the name of joy? Because then you are working with the big picture. The opposite of this is to do what you do for your little self-- your ego. Then you are doing your work for the little picture.

Your contribution to this big picture is very important. Joyful imaginations work together well.

A person who does everything for the pure joy of doing so is working in harmony with others. This person will find other people to be very responsive.

In addition, someone who does something for the pure joy of doing so is doing that something for all the right reasons. It's automatic.

You will never go wrong in your profession if you will practice it for the pure joy of giving service. Joy will steer you right and make everything in your life go right.

Joy makes everything in your life go in the right direction! All your actions and decisions are right on when you are joyful.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005