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Imagination makes everything simple in your life. The seed simplicity of all things is discovered when you imagine properly.

How do you imagine properly? By keeping it simple. A sure sign that your imagination has become encumbered is when you allow your life to become complicated.

Keep it simple.

Going back to the imaginative life is really a return to simplicity--a return to the simplicity of our original nature.

Things are seen as they truly are when viewed through the imaginative eye. The imaginative eye is the essence of simplicity.

The imaginative eye has the ability to see a complicated thing as simple. The imaginative eye sees the essence and not all the complexity obscuring the essence.

You do not understand a complex thing by being complex; you understand a complex thing by being simple. Return to the simplicity of yourself as you originally were.

A complex thing is made up of a few simple parts that repeat themselves endlessly. In order to see through mind-boggling complexity to simplicity, let go. Let go and see imaginatively.

There is nothing so complicated that it is out of reach of the imaginative eye. It is through the imaginative eye that we discover the organizing principle of a thing.

Everything has an organizing principle. Discovering the organizing principle of the thing makes the thing manageable. Now we are able to traverse the entire thing from beginning to end in our imaginative eye.

When we reduce things to simplicity, we gain a further benefit: The imaginative eye wakes us up; it reminds us of why we are here on Earth.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004