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When you are sincere, you act as one person on many different levels. One level of action is physical. Another level of action is imaginative. Both work together.

The important thing is that each level of action takes you in the same direction. It's because you are sincere that your actions and your imagination mirror each other so closely.

A sincere person will always line up his emotions with his thoughts--also, his actions will have the full backing of his emotions. The sincere person goes forward and acts as one unified persona.

To act without sincerity is to act without the full backing of your feelings. This is disheartening, disillusioning, and demotivating.

Remember this! There is no split between the imagination of a sincere person and his actions. This is why insincerity is so easy to detect. Basically, the person who is insincere has split himself into two people. One person imagines one thing. The other person acts out something completely different.

To be sincere is to come back together again. When you do, you stop leaking energy fighting yourself. All your energies are used for one purpose--to get to where you are going!

There's great power in sincerity. When all parts of you go in the same direction at once, you tend to arrive at your destination much more quickly.

How do you achieve sincerity? Be sure to feel your direction and not just think of it. Better yet is to take on the mood of having arrived at your destination. Best yet is to act out your most sincere thoughts, feelings, and ideals.

Imagine with every fiber and cell of your being where you are going and you will get there.

When you feel your success and think it through completely and get in the mood for success, you are ready for success. It's that simple.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005