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Slowing Down Change

It's important that you don't change things in your life so quickly that you can't keep up.

The little self resists change and the big self embraces it. Give yourself a break. Give the little self a chance to adjust to the change.

That's why people take time out of their lives to mourn after the death of a loved one. It takes time to adjust to the change.

Who is the little self? It is the self that has imagined things the same way for a long time. It is the self that is fully invested in itself and its surroundings.

Don't try to change everything all at once. Imagine that change will come at a pace that you can keep up with.

When you project things forward in your life that you fervently wish to come true in your future, you trigger a battle between your big self and your little self. The big self will eventually win this battle.

In the meantime, the battle rages within as you try to decide whether your imagined future is a reality or not. Let your future come true slowly at its own pace.

How do you let your imagination win? By putting your whole confidence in the idea that the big self is winning. Let the big self that wants change win. Go forward to your new life with full confidence in the future.

The big self is the imaginative self that is creating the change in your life. The little self is fully invested in things just as they are; it does not want change.

Keep imagining your chosen inconspicuous detail that you wish to come true. Let the dream of a better future gradually build from this inconspicuous detail. It will.

If the battle between the big self and the little self becomes too much, then go ahead and back off. Try not to make your future an emergency. It's not.

The fabric of your life as it already is is important. There's no need to tear holes in this fabric just because you are embracing change.

Let change come gradually.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004