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Spiraling Upward

Revisit what you'd like to become often in your imagination. The practice of becoming something is very circular in nature.

On a journey around a circle, the same point on the circle revisited will always be the same. Likewise, to become something new, you must revisit a point in your imagination again and again.

If you revisit often enough, you will find yourself caught up in an updraft that takes you straight to your destination.

Now the circle is a spiral. Instead of being precisely the same each time you revisit a point on the circle, it is a spiral upward. Now each time you revisit the same point, you are on a higher up on the circle. It gets better each time.

Basically, you're caught in an updraft. You are spiraling upward.

Your imagination will bring fresh evidence of what you are becoming directly into your life. Enjoy this evidence. Your imagination-- and the evidence brought about by your imagination--are first cousins.

This evidence will manifest itself incrementally--one little piece at a time. This is good. This is the nature of change in this world. Change comes gradually.

Let change come gradually as you revisit change in your imagination often.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005