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Taking Responsibility

Each and every detail of your life is a product of imagination. Can you depend on imagination to recreate your entire life? You can.

Here's where imagination becomes very important.

If you don't create your life, someone else will create it for you. This is dangerous. There's always someone out there who wants you as a worker in his imaginative empire.

It's not that other people are evil so much as it is that we live in a world of create or be created. People are not evil so much as they are selfish. They find it easy to dream of having someone else do all the work for them.

It's not a bad thing when a employer dreams of a position for an employee. It becomes a bad thing when the employer does all the dreaming and the employee abdicates all responsibility for their own life and stops dreaming. At this point, the employee is a passenger in his own life.

But some people are like this. Some people let other people do all the dreaming for them.

If you let this happen to you, someone else is driving the ship called Your Life and you are merely a passenger on board.

Therefore, you must create your life--every little detail of it. Create. Create. Create. This is your motto.

Before each segment of your day starts, dream what that segment will be like. Next, make it so!

Start there. Start by breaking your day into segments. Dream what the next segment will be like and then take responsibility for this becoming reality.

As you learn to take more and more responsibility for you life, your ability to imagine accurately and responsibly will increase dramatically.

Remember! Big dreams are made up of lots of little dreams. Dream big but also dream small. Dream a big dream but then go back in and fill in the big dream with lots of little dreams.

It's like putting together a picture. First you start with the overall layout of the picture. Next, you fill in all the details.

When there are not enough hours in the day for you to fill in all the details of your dream, you are there.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005