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Trading Up For Something Better

Here's a technique for achieving goals:

Imagine yourself in a large room. This large, spacious room is your planning room. In this room are the plans and charts that you've laid out that point the way to the achievement of your goal.

While you in the process of making plans, be sure to look around and see what you need to let go of to make your life more roomy and spacious. Is it TV? Then let go of TV.

Not all TV, of course--just most of it. Let go of one thing to make room for another thing.

In giving up one thing, you are not losing anything. You are trading up. You are trading one thing for something even better.

Perhaps it's an attitude that you need to give up. If so, let it go and give it up.

For example, giving up any sense of unworthiness or inferiority may be your ticket to success. If this is the case, then trade your self-concept in for one that is higher and better.

To do this, see yourself as the divine being that you really are. There. Now that you know who you really are, it will be easier to get where you are going.

The best things to give up in life are the things that are of absolutely no use. Let go of one thing each day until you achieve your goal. This is the formula for success.

It's amazing how roomy your life can become when you let go of that which is basically unimportant to you. Give up the things you don't care about and you will have more time for the things you truly care about.

But be sure not to give up your loved ones. The idea is to give up things that are unimportant.

Let go of one small thing each day. This is the way to achieve your goal with grace and charm.

You must let go to achieve your goals gracefully and simply. In order to have a new thing in your life, you must let go of an old thing.

©Edward Abbott 2003