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In a sense, imagination is greater than will-power. Why? Because a persons whose imagination is in conflict with their will is likely to find their imagination winning out.

How does this translate into every day life? If you will one thing and imagine another, your imagination is likely to take over on the topic and win the day.

Having your will and your imagination going in the same direction is the key to success. Imagine it so and be willing for it to be so.

How can you know when you are using your imagination properly? Simple. You can tell that your imagination is playing its role because your activities have heart.

A lack of heart is a sure sign that imagination has died and you are acting on will-power alone. You will know this for will-power will eventually leave you feeling very empty. It takes more than will-power to keep your dreams alive. You also need imagination!

When all your activities have heart, you are being led by pure imagination. Without undue effort, your imagination will inspire enough will-power to get the job done.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004