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Your Mission

The more original your thinking, the more likely you are to discover your mission on Earth in a timely manner. Your mission is for you alone. It is something you love to do.

Your mission is very close by in your imagination. It is a close approximation of something you are already thinking.

This mission need not be dramatic; it could be something simple and enjoyable. It could even be something that you think of as a hobby.

It is probably something that you love to do for others--or just simply, something you love to do.

The discovery of your mission takes place at a time when you are thinking and feeling imaginatively. Your thoughts are highly original at this time.

All imaginative thoughts and feelings are original. A thought that lacks imagination is a thought that also lacks originality.

Imagination builds the strength that will allow you to complete your mission. You will imagine yourself bringing your mission to completion many, many times. Each time you do so, you will become stronger in that mission.

Done imaginatively, the replaying of your mission in your imagination will be very enjoyable. You will never tire of replaying this mission, for it is a mission that brings great happiness to you and to others.

The replaying of your mission in your imagination will be fresh and original each time. You will experience a sense of renewal. This is imagination!

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004