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The birth of any new venture in your life is characterized by the intentions you had going into it. If your intentions are good, the results will generally be good.

This is certainly true of your investments. If you will enter into your investments in the spirit of love and generosity, you will be very successful.

Perhaps you would like to support your family with a good life. This is certainly a noble intention. Of such intentions are great investments made.

Greed is your worst instinct. If you enter into an investment with the intention of making a killing-- just for the sake of making a killing--that investment will likely not work out for you. If you have such feelings, it is better to hold off and wait until these feeling pass before investing.

Assume a generous attitude. It's when we enter into our investments in a spirit of generosity that our investments are generous with us.

Generosity is your friend. You can generate a whole new life for yourself by assuming an attitude of generosity. Even if you start with nothing, you can still generate something. Rather than taking other people's things, generate your own.

Remember this. When you plan for your investments to benefit the many people around you, you are investing in the spirit of generosity.

©Edward Abbott 2002