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Market Leadership

A leader is a leader on all levels. A leader leads.

To lead, you must have a unique vision. This is what makes a leader a leader. This is true of people and it is true of organizations.

An organization that is a market leader must have a person at the top who has a vision. This is a key ingredient to market leadership.

Vision is the key to leadership. Without a vision, you are not a leader.

Why is it important to have a clear and present vision? Because it takes vision to have direction. Without direction, a leader will only respond to the latest emergency. A poor leader goes from one emergency to the next.

If you only respond to emergencies, eventually you will only have emergencies to respond to. It's not a pleasant way to live for either a company or an individual.

That's why vision, and the planning that comes from having a vision, are so necessary to a company. It keeps the company out of crises.

It's not your vision that gets you into trouble; it's your lack of vision.

Stay away from companies that are constantly in a state of crises. Typically, these are companies that lack a unique vision and have been unsuccessful at differentiating themselves from other companies in the marketplace.

Ideally, you want your company that you invest in to be so unique that there is not another company quite like it on planet Earth.

To be unique, you have to have a vision that is different from everyone else's.

©Edward Abbott 2004